Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Illustration and Key Graphics - David Newell

David Newell started his career by studying the sciences, but soon decided it wasn't for him, and went to study art at college. He began working in mostly gouache, and eventually went on to use an airbrush. After leaving college, he started sign writing as a way to make money.  TranSound, a local business, had just had a new garage built, and he decided he wanted to paint the shutters, so he went to talk to the owner who agreed to this. This opportunity eventually led to David designing their newspaper and magazine advertisements.

After a while of working traditionally, he changed direction and started to work digitally, for companies such as Linnhoff March. This has been his chosen medium, and now works in Adobe Illustrator. It is very clear in a lot of David's work that his inspiration comes from American comics. After spending a significant period of time with Linnhoff March, he decided to leave, and went to work with some agencies.

David designed the advertising campaign for the 2002 Clothes Show Live. This was a collection of characters, which included, a model scout, a DJ girl and the main character, Chloe. This campaign led to an issue with copyright. He was accused of copying a CD cover from that time. The case was later dismissed, but it was quite interesting to gain a different insight into the industry, and the sort of thing that that does to you. The advice on copyright that David gave was, it's mainly about who's got the most money? How many points of similarity is there in your and their work? ALWAYS keep your prep work, sketchbook work and references.

David now works with Multi-Brands, and designs the packaging of products like the batteries SupaCell, Flouorodine Contour toothbrush, and Ultra Loc superglue.

His last words of wisdom to us were, you can work anywhere in the world, but it's the people who make it enjoyable. I fully believe in this statement, you could be working in a tropical paradise, with the best pay and best jobs coming in, but if you are not comfortable with your work colleagues, then you are not going to be happy and motivated to get your work done on time. Whereas you could be in a building where pieces of the wallpaper are hanging off, and there's buts of mould in the corner on the ceiling, but surrounded by friends who are your peers, who you feel so comfortable around, and are happy to get on with your work.

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