Sunday, 15 April 2012


Overall, Creative Futures week was a very helpful and interesting insight into the creative industry. Granted, there were a couple of sessions which I thought could have been slightly better, but I still gained some advice and helpful information from these.

The sessions that I particularly enjoyed and found helpful were there sessions by previous students, because I find it fascinating looking at how they got to be where they are, and the type of work they are working on. I enjoy seeing who their past and present clients include, and where these piece of works have appeared. Some of the advice the artist gave during this week was completely invaluable. This was one of the best things about this week; the fact that seasoned artists/designers/professionals in the design industry gave you their best tips and advice and told us what they wished they knew when they started out.

It is hard to choose the most useful and insightful session from this week, as it is a toss-up between the Publishing session with Martin Steenton; The Chip Shop Story by Andy Cheetham, and also the Character Design talk by Jonathan Edwards. The publishing session was really helpful, as this was something that I didn't have the best knowledge on, so it really helped me gain information about the relationship between writer/artist and publisher, and the process you go through. The Chip Shop Story was particularly inspiring as he was in horrible circumstances, and rather than just sit back and accept them, he got up and did something about it, even though it was just advertising for his mum and dad, it started his incredibly successful career. Character Design with Jonathan Edwards was another inspiring talk about how chance and luck. I fully believe that a lot of this industry is just being in the right place at the right time, and Jonathan is an incredible example of this.

What I will take away from this week, is to really push my work through social networking, and make contacts now, who will be more than willing to help you succeed in this industry. In conclusion, Creative Futures week has left me feeling very positive, and helped me try to make some sense of this industry.

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