Monday, 4 March 2013

Design and Illustration in Illustrated Publishing - Yasia Williams-Ledden

Yasia is the Deputy Art Director of Octopus Publishing Group. She has been working here for 10 years, making her way up to the current position she is in.

Yasia gave us some great tips about design and designing book jackets, and just the publishing industry as a whole. She showed some of her previous work, and some of the work she is currently working on, all of which was very impressive, and really made me think about when I'm designing book jackets, and the impact I want it to achieve.

After Yasia gave her talk, she opened the floor to a Q&A session, with some good questions being asked, and each question was answered really well.

Yasia expressed at the beginning of the talk that she had a passion for typography, and how it can bring a illustration to life. It wasn't until I was thinking about this more, that I realised I completely agree with this. Choosing the right typeface is so important to making a illustration stand out. Although this talk wasn't as based on illustration as much as I would have liked, it really helped improve my knowledge and understanding of the publishing industry much more, and there was some great tips given in this talk.

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